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The Castoff Princesses

Twelve Dancing Princesses: Book 2

The Castoff Princesses Cover

This is not a fairy tale …

Unwanted. Unimportant. Underestimated.

Two princesses discarded by their own kingdoms and forced into the perilous contest to marry Crown Prince Theodor of Aldforth.

The Exile

(Former) Princess Eira of Nordmark has one goal: to win Prince Theodor’s hand and bring peace to the Blessed Kingdoms. To prove her worth, she must fulfill King Wulfric’s quest to kill a monster bear. So what if no one believes she can do it? She only needs one shot with her bow. Not a problem. As long as her unwelcome partner, Princess Doom and Gloom, doesn’t get in her way.

The Sacrifice

Princess Marjani of Almasa has been sent to Aldforth to avenge her brother’s murder. The prince who killed him may be dead, but that won’t prevent Marjani from exacting her vengeance, regardless of the consequences. Killing County Saebern’s enchanted bear is just the opportunity she needs to earn a place alongside her target—and she’s not about to let that Nordish witch interfere with her plans.

Two princesses

One wants to marry the prince. One wants to end him.

Together they might become legends—if they don’t kill each other first.